Founder and Administration

Founder and Administration

Mizanur Rahman

Founder, Owner and CEO

I would call myself a tech enthusiast and a digital marketer more than anything else. With the knowledge I have gathered over the years, I have created an organization that is an all in all gathering of intellectuals. It is a platform of togetherness where we provide the utmost care to our clients needs. 

As a full-time affiliate marketer and researcher, I found that the collaboration of minds brings out the best outcome. Hence the organization has a whole team of Web Developers and Designers, Graphics and Video editors, Writers, and SEO experts. From all of our perspectives, we all fulfill our duty to meet the perfection it is intended for.

While my daily work includes looking after the clients websites, ongoing project developments, SEO optimization, and obviously digital marketing, I also enjoy time researching and talking with clients near and abroad. At the same time, I tend to the critical aspects that come in handy.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +8801798333458

Address: Vill: Agla, Post: Jamira-6271, Thana: Puthia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Khairul Islam

Manager (Operations & HR)

I enjoy teamwork & I think a good team is an asset to the organization. Any hard work becomes easier through the cooperation, punctuality, and effort of every single team member. And if overlooking them is an energetic, influential, and motivating management, it brings it all together. In SkyRanko, I personally, speculate over different departments, cross-checking works, and keeping the organization afloat. I believe that with continuous precision, a sound mind, and health, every person can achieve the unthinkable. From my past 5 years of experience in the management field, I understand how to motivate, enlighten and move on forward as a team. Every environment is a learning experience and we are constantly exploring and developing ourselves.

As an avid traveler and tech enthusiast, I enjoy myself engulfed with nature and learning about new technology after my daily work. Also, I find peace in helping others, as we are all for everyone in this journey.

Research & Development

Programmers & Web Developers

Mohammad Abdullah Sadid

Jr.(Executive) WordPress Admin


Md. AbdullaHil Hadi

Jr.Executive WordPress Editor

Tasin Rownok

MTO (Management Trainee Officer)

Graphics, Voice & Video


Sadik Hossain

Content Creator

Jalal Uddin

Graphics Designer


Inan Sultan

Jr. Content Presenter


Shajadul Islam

Jr.Executive SEO


Hafizur Rahman

Jr.Executive SEO

Md Asif Islam

MTO (mangement trainee officer)

Editors & Writers

Rafi Samnan

Content Editor & Trainer


Usama Jahangir

(Executive) Content Writer


Ruknin Shadid Suprio

Jr.(Executive) Content Writer

Shadman Shabab

Jr.(Executive) Content Writer


Mir Hamza

Jr.(Executive) Content Writer


Saifullah Khalid

Jr.(Executive) Content Writer

SEO Optimization & Regulatory Team


Md Nazmuz Sakib

Jr.(Executive) Content Auditor

Md Abdullah-Al-Mamun

Jr.Executive (SEO)

Raihanul Islam

Jr.(Executive) Content Publisher


Ashikur Rahman

Jr. Executive (Content Publisher)